Sharon’s 20th Anniversary

Willie Keane, Sharon Reidy and John Baily. Photo by Steve Baker

Sorry for the delay folks but I am finally getting around to sharing some more pictures from our first night back which also marked Sharon’s 20th anniversary as our conductor. Thanks so much to John Bailey for his warm and funny presentation speech and for providing the committee with that program from Sharon’s first concert. Thanks to Linda for organising the framing and the cake. And to Steve Baker and Kate Falvey for the photographs. And most of all thanks to Sharon for her talent and patience and for everything she has done to make us the choir we are today. Thanks Sharon!

Christmas concerts on the way

Christmas is well and truly here. Back in the day, December 8th would have been the day to go to Dublin for your Christmas shopping! No need for that these days, instead you can shop local (or online) and then come to Listowel tomorrow night for the first of our Christmas concerts (Storm Atiyah permitting) at 7:30 pm in St. Mary’s in aid of the church renovation in Listowel. Tickets will be available on the door.

In the meantime, here’s something soothing from our concert earlier this year, just to counterbalance the windy weather outside.

Benedictus (Karl Jenkins – Armed Man) April 2019. St. Brendan’s Church. In aid of Recovery Haven. Accompanist: Lucy Tanner (Violin) Aine Murray (Piano). Director: Sharon Reidy. Filmed by: EmmaJude Lyons & Malachy Scanlon

It’s National Singing Week!

Organised by Sing Ireland in association with Mental Health Ireland, the aim is to encourage newcomers to group singing and to remind everyone that singing contributes to physical & mental health and well-being. With studies showing that singing as part of a group can provide a wide range of wellness and mental health benefits, such as improving breathing, posture and muscle tension as well as lessening stress and anxiety, now is the time to get involved! Kerry Choral Union will be hosting an open rehearsal this Wednesday 9th October in Collis Sandes House at 7:30 pm. Why not come along and hear us rehearse. You can join in if you like or not if you prefer – no pressure! It’s always good to sing!

A Celebration of Light – Wetlands Concert 2019

Last night was our annual concert with Recovery Haven at the Tralee Bay Wetlands and it was as always a lovely and deeply moving event. The weather played nice too and we were treated to a dry, mild evening with a lovely sunset. As the evening wound down, I took a walk around the lake to watch the floating lanterns and the lights of the centre against the darkening sky and was struck at how perfect this location is for this event. In and of the town, bridging the urban setting with the bay beyond. Peaceful and tranquil. Thanks to everyone who made last evening such a huge success and to Recovery Haven for having us be part of it again.

Spring Concert with Duhallow Choral Society in Millstreet

On Palm Sunday last, the choir travelled down to Millstreet in Cork to sing with the Duhallow Choral Society in aid of Millstreet Community Hospital. Judging by the turnout, it is a cause close to many a local’s heart. It was wonderful to have such a warm and appreciative audience and also to get the opportunity to sing with Duhallow Choral Society again. There is a very special sound and feeling when the two choirs combine. Also, the hospitality was amazing! Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this great event.

Duhallow have some lovely clips from the concert on their facebook page but I’ve just included some audio from the rehearsal below. Enjoy!

Lord of the Dance, Kerry Choral Union with Duhallow Choral Society in rehearsal, St. Patrick’s, Millstreet. Accompanists Ian Sexton (piano) and Lucy Tanner (violin)