Oh it was such a great start to 2020. We were all enjoying the wonderful program Sharon had prepared for us and were looking forward to our concerts ahead, but unfortunately Covid-19 had other plans for our year. It’s a serious situation and it demanded that we take it seriously. And so it was that the committee decided to put a proposal to our members last Wednesday, March 11 to suspend rehearsals and performances for the foreseeable future. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour. It is sad, a bit surreal and, we think, the first time this has happened in our 35 (?) year history but it was the sensible and safe thing to do.

I still have videos to share, though, here and on our social media channels and we will keep you informed of any developments. Meanwhile, keep singing! At home, in the shower, on the hilltops! Singing is so good for your mental and physical health and the main thing we can do at the moment is keep ourselves as healthy and strong as possible to fight any infections. Boost that immune system, eat healthy, drink water, get plenty of sleep and exercise and SING!

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