It’s National Singing Week!

Organised by Sing Ireland in association with Mental Health Ireland, the aim is to encourage newcomers to group singing and to remind everyone that singing contributes to physical & mental health and well-being. With studies showing that singing as part of a group can provide a wide range of wellness and mental health benefits, such as improving breathing, posture and muscle tension as well as lessening stress and anxiety, now is the time to get involved! Kerry Choral Union will be hosting an open rehearsal this Wednesday 9th October in Collis Sandes House at 7:30 pm. Why not come along and hear us rehearse. You can join in if you like or not if you prefer – no pressure! It’s always good to sing!

From the Spring Concert

Storm Lorenzo definitely wants to put us in mind of winter but before we give in completely, let’s take a look back at our Spring Concert for Recovery Haven. Keep an eye out for the videos as I’ll be posting more of them over the coming weeks.

I’m starting today with And Can It Be (Wesley/Plew/Forrest) for no particular reason other than that it starts with ‘A’. Enjoy!

And Can It Be (Wesley/Plew/Forrest). April 2019. St. Brendan’s Church. In aid of Recovery Haven. Accompanist: Aine Murray. Director: Sharon Reidy. Filmed by: EmmaJude Lyons & Malachy Scanlon

New season ahead

That first breath that a band or choir or orchestra takes together, a breath filled with focus, intention and emotion, a breath unified for no other reason than to make something beautiful together … there is simply no better way to demonstrate the core of who we are, and the best in all of us.

Eric Whitacre

I came across this quote the other day from Eric Whitacre (he of the gorgeous Seal Lullaby and so much more) and it perfectly expresses that moment, the deep breath before the notes are formed, a moment full of possibility, before we all dive into the music together. It is a wonderful thing to experience and you can too. Our first night of rehearsals is next Wednesday, September 4th and new members are always welcome. There will be tea and refreshments so we can all catch up after the summer in style and to allow Sharon time to take new members through a few scales. Practice is at 7:30 p.m. (but if you’re new, come a little earlier, say 15 to 10 minutes) in Collis Sandes House as usual.

A Celebration of Light – Wetlands Concert 2019

Last night was our annual concert with Recovery Haven at the Tralee Bay Wetlands and it was as always a lovely and deeply moving event. The weather played nice too and we were treated to a dry, mild evening with a lovely sunset. As the evening wound down, I took a walk around the lake to watch the floating lanterns and the lights of the centre against the darkening sky and was struck at how perfect this location is for this event. In and of the town, bridging the urban setting with the bay beyond. Peaceful and tranquil. Thanks to everyone who made last evening such a huge success and to Recovery Haven for having us be part of it again.

Radio Kerry piece on Chorjugend Grevenbrück (featuring Kerry Choral Union)

On April 17 last, we had the great pleasure of having a German youth choir, Chorjugend Grevenbrück e. V. from Sauerland in Germany, perform for us in Collis Sandes House. Many thanks to Bryan Carr for arranging this and for sending on this Radio Kerry piece recorded that evening. The performance by these young singers was simply excellent, as you can hear from the audio. We were all hugely impressed, both with their talent and with the work they had clearly put in. Well done to everyone involved!

As a thank you, we sang for them one of the songs that we will be singing in our spring concert for Recovery Haven this Sunday, and Radio Kerry were very kind to include it in their feature. That concert is on at 7:30 pm tomorrow, Sunday, April 28 in Our Lady and St Brendan’s Church, Tralee, for anyone who fancies getting out of the house now that the storm has well and truly passed. It’s for a great cause and tickets (€10) will be available on the door.