Easter 2020

Much as the phrase “in these challenging/worrying/dark/etc. times” is starting to grate, it really is the strangest of times. A time when we are discovering plenty about ourselves, our communities and our country. A time when we have been forced to slow down and step away from a busy world with all the benefits and the downsides that brings. A time when it has become clear that the ability to connect technologically is fantastic but really doesn’t replace being able to walk into your parents’ house and hug them without fear of harming their health.

Thank God for music, and books, and art and purely escapist movies and good TV (and bad TV too – no judgement!). Thank God for our front-line workers, those caring for our sick, those keeping the country fed and watered and those keeping us all safe.

Our country may be a very different place post-coronavirus, but it won’t necessarily be a worse place, as we all remember what it is to think and act for the greater good. And that is surely the Easter message in a nutshell.

Happy Easter!


A Wednesday Evening in April

I hope everyone is well and taking care of themselves. I’ve been waiting since this time last year to post this video, so here it is on the 1st of the month no less.

Continue to take all the necessary precautions and keep your spirits up. This too shall pass.


Oh it was such a great start to 2020. We were all enjoying the wonderful program Sharon had prepared for us and were looking forward to our concerts ahead, but unfortunately Covid-19 had other plans for our year. It’s a serious situation and it demanded that we take it seriously. And so it was that the committee decided to put a proposal to our members last Wednesday, March 11 to suspend rehearsals and performances for the foreseeable future. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour. It is sad, a bit surreal and, we think, the first time this has happened in our 35 (?) year history but it was the sensible and safe thing to do.

I still have videos to share, though, here and on our social media channels and we will keep you informed of any developments. Meanwhile, keep singing! At home, in the shower, on the hilltops! Singing is so good for your mental and physical health and the main thing we can do at the moment is keep ourselves as healthy and strong as possible to fight any infections. Boost that immune system, eat healthy, drink water, get plenty of sleep and exercise and SING!

Sharon’s 20th Anniversary

Willie Keane, Sharon Reidy and John Baily. Photo by Steve Baker

Sorry for the delay folks but I am finally getting around to sharing some more pictures from our first night back which also marked Sharon’s 20th anniversary as our conductor. Thanks so much to John Bailey for his warm and funny presentation speech and for providing the committee with that program from Sharon’s first concert. Thanks to Linda for organising the framing and the cake. And to Steve Baker and Kate Falvey for the photographs. And most of all thanks to Sharon for her talent and patience and for everything she has done to make us the choir we are today. Thanks Sharon!

Beannachtaí Nollaig na mBan oraibh uilig!

To mark Women’s Christmas, I am posting a video of one of the ladies only songs that we do in the choir. I would like to wish all the ladies of Kerry Choral Union and all your family and friends and all those who support our choir and our concerts the very best for the coming year. Gentlemen of the choir, remember you have to wait hand and foot on the ladies in your life today!

The Famous Nuns’ Chorus from ‘Casanova’ (Johann Strauss). Performed by Kerry Choral Union in April 2019. St. Brendan’s Church. In aid of Recovery Haven. Soloists: Iris Barry & Charlotte Calleja O’Halloran. Accompanist: Aine Murray (Piano). Director: Sharon Reidy. Filmed by: EmmaJude Lyons & Malachy Scanlon