Admissions Closed!

It’s time to close admissions to the choir for this term. With five rehearsals already under our belts, it would be too much of an ask for new members to be in any way prepared for the upcoming concerts in April. Please if you had a notion to join us this year, come to one of the concerts (details to appear here shortly), see what we’re about and then you can join us in September for the Christmas program. You will be very welcome!

So how was your first rehearsal?

We started back to rehearsals last Wednesday and it all went very well, or at least that’s what it felt like to me! But to all the new members who maybe felt a little overwhelmed, I want to remind you that we all felt that on our first night. Looking at the reams of music to learn, the strange harmonies, the really high notes, you would be forgiven for thinking that there’s no way you can learn it all, no way that it can ever come together. But you can and it does! No one expects you to learn every piece in your first term, some will take a while, some will come really quickly. I always say to focus on your favourites because above all else, singing in a choir is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So don’t stress if there are bits you’re unsure of, the rest of the choir will carry you until you are ready to carry them! And when Sharon says put your music away, she’s not talking to you!

Meanwhile here’s a link to some videos from our Christmas concert. Let me tell you, there are some pieces in there we were all unsure about when we started them, but it all came good in the end!

Christmas is coming!

And Kerry Choral Union is ready to sing all about it.

With a luxury selection box of musical talent, do we have a show for you. Tickets are available from Kerry Choral Union members and at the door on the night. Come on in out of the cold and let us put you in the festive spirit!

Bake Sale & More

Throughout the year, we work with charities and schools around the county to help them raise funds for the great work they do. In order to do that effectively, however, we need to raise funds ourselves to cover our overheads – enter the hardworking ladies of our FLC (Fund Loving Crew). They have been planning and plotting a series of events to supplement our coffers and the first of these is the Bake Sale & More, which is being held in St. John’s Parish Centre on Sunday, November 26th, from 11 a.m. Having sampled some of the baking of my fellow choristers in the past, I can tell you that the Bake Sale will be enough of a draw on the day, but the ladies have gone above and beyond and will bring you preloved clothes and books, plants and even our lovely new Kerry Choral Union tote bags. I’m also told that there’ll be hot chocolate and crêpes available on the day and fabulous door prizes too! Please do come and join us, all are welcome.