Bake Sale & More

Throughout the year, we work with charities and schools around the county to help them raise funds for the great work they do. In order to do that effectively, however, we need to raise funds ourselves to cover our overheads – enter the hardworking ladies of our FLC (Fund Loving Crew). They have been planning and plotting a series of events to supplement our coffers and the first of these is the Bake Sale & More, which is being held in St. John’s Parish Centre on Sunday, November 26th, from 11 a.m. Having sampled some of the baking of my fellow choristers in the past, I can tell you that the Bake Sale will be enough of a draw on the day, but the ladies have gone above and beyond and will bring you preloved clothes and books, plants and even our lovely new Kerry Choral Union tote bags. I’m also told that there’ll be hot chocolate and crêpes available on the day and fabulous door prizes too! Please do come and join us, all are welcome.

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