So how was your first rehearsal?

We started back to rehearsals last Wednesday and it all went very well, or at least that’s what it felt like to me! But to all the new members who maybe felt a little overwhelmed, I want to remind you that we all felt that on our first night. Looking at the reams of music to learn, the strange harmonies, the really high notes, you would be forgiven for thinking that there’s no way you can learn it all, no way that it can ever come together. But you can and it does! No one expects you to learn every piece in your first term, some will take a while, some will come really quickly. I always say to focus on your favourites because above all else, singing in a choir is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So don’t stress if there are bits you’re unsure of, the rest of the choir will carry you until you are ready to carry them! And when Sharon says put your music away, she’s not talking to you!

Meanwhile here’s a link to some videos from our Christmas concert. Let me tell you, there are some pieces in there we were all unsure about when we started them, but it all came good in the end!

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