Easter 2020

Much as the phrase “in these challenging/worrying/dark/etc. times” is starting to grate, it really is the strangest of times. A time when we are discovering plenty about ourselves, our communities and our country. A time when we have been forced to slow down and step away from a busy world with all the benefits and the downsides that brings. A time when it has become clear that the ability to connect technologically is fantastic but really doesn’t replace being able to walk into your parents’ house and hug them without fear of harming their health.

Thank God for music, and books, and art and purely escapist movies and good TV (and bad TV too – no judgement!). Thank God for our front-line workers, those caring for our sick, those keeping the country fed and watered and those keeping us all safe.

Our country may be a very different place post-coronavirus, but it won’t necessarily be a worse place, as we all remember what it is to think and act for the greater good. And that is surely the Easter message in a nutshell.

Happy Easter!


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